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Trustable reviews of casino for real money gambling

Welcome to our list of the top 2022 top-rated online casinos. We only recommend fully licensed casinos. We go through constant testing and collect data to ensure that the sites we recommend are safe, trustworthy and high-quality sites. Gambling sites can lead to addiction. Before you start gaming, you should fully plan your gaming funds and play rationally. We will guide you to a better understanding of the gaming game.

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What are Online Casinos?

If you want to play gambling games, you must go out to a physical casino. However, there is not always a casino near your house, and even if there is, it is difficult to know whether it is trustworthy. With the development of Internet technology, gaming games are also digitized. You don’t need to go out anymore, as long as you connect to network, you can enjoy the fun of gaming games anytime, anywhere. In addition, online casinos use specialized gambling software, so you don’t have to pay tips to the croupier as you should do on physical casinos.
Also, some games such as slot machines have higher odds than physical casinos. This means that you have a higher chance of winning more money at online casinos.

There are plenty of options for our recommended casinos, including great amount slots jackpots, and they also have blackjack, video poker games, roulette and other poker games.

you will also find that the best online gambling sites have hundreds of exciting bonus slots games like JILI slots, I personally prefer Roma X, which you can find at JILI slots.

Last but not least, the greatest advantage of online gaming sites like us is, we provide gift money to increase your gaming capital. How much you deposit, how much bonus we give to you, the maximum is 5888 peso. We also provide 88 peso for you to try out your favorite slot game. Deposit 100 peso per day can get a chance to participate in raffle prizes, each person can participate in the raffle prizes for three times per day.

The Online Casino Games

Online casino

Game developers must make games before online casinos can provide them to players. Online casinos provide players with trusted game providers and provide bonus to players. The advantages of each game provider are different, and our website will introduce them separately.

Game manufacturers produce games and put game sites on game platforms, so that players can choose their favorite games as long as they reach the game platform.

There are most popular game sites we recommend:

  1. JILI slot
  2. JDB slot
  3. FC slot

Many casino game providers will also have games from other developers, or only offer their own games.

The variety of games on our website
If you are a Baccarat player, then you will want to find an online casino with the variety of choices.
For other game player such as Slot players , Blackjack players or Roulette players, they concern the options for their games more, that’s why it is important to choose an online casino with the variety of games available.

On our platform, we provide:

Many of these games will come with different variants. We also cover as many of the different variants of each game as we can.
For instance:

  • Video Slots
  • Progressice Slots
  • Classi Slots

As you can see, an online casino can mention it has a game, but you should also check on the other game choices of the game available.
For a purpose to make sure you get the best game experience, check out our casino reviews that covers most the games available.

Take Baccarat as an example, there are LIVE dealer Baccarat and Video Baccarat, which we always covered in our Casino reviews.

To Play Live Dealer Baccarat

Online casino

Here are a few things you need to consider first when you are picking games at online casinos:

  • The providers’ reputation.
  • The choices of table games available.
  • Can you play Live Dealer Games on your device?
  • Are they always have enough available tables?
  • How does the software work in the Live Dealer Game?
  • Does the website have licence?
  • Do they have VIP table?

One of the biggest thing you need to take into your concideration is the number of their dealers and tables that they have. I know no one likes to wait, especially when you choose on-line casino for its convinecy. Therefore, it is so important to choose a casino they have enough resource to meet peak demand.

Devices You can Play The Games On

Thanks to the development of Internet technology, today we can play games as long as we use the Internet. However, there are a few things we need to be aware of before starting online gaming.
⁃ Operating Systems Supported
⁃ Device Type

Almost all websites have an HTML5 site, that means you can access the website from a browser with most devices, and no download needed. On the other hand, some casinos will need you to download an app on your mobile device. Some devices still offer app downloads, but you can choose to use your browser to play games or download apps. Hint: the download version for laptops always comes with more options of games.

Today’s technology allows us to play on any device, so we just need to identify the device we’re using.
⁃ Desktop
⁃ Laptop
⁃ Smartphone

All of the above information can be found in our Casino reviews.

Casino Bonuses and VIP Programs

Online casino

There is one very important thing that I think you must take into account when choosing a website – the bonus.

  • Bonuses for welcome
  • Bonuses for regularty
  • VIP bonus

Usually every site has a first deposit bonus, it means you will get a percentage of your first deposit on top, we call it a deposit match. On our casino, you will get 100% of your first deposit as bonus, which means how much you deposit, how much bonus you get.

We also provide daily reward for you. If you deposit 100 peso, you will get a chance to draw bonus, each player can have three times to draw per day.

In each casino review, we provide great detail about all bonus that offers you.

Customer Services

Just as we value the service quality of our website, there are several services that we take into consideration.
⁃ Easy to contact: make sure the Live chat button is easy to see. It’s improtant to contact with the customer service quickly.
24 hours Support: it is important to find help anytime.
⁃ Phone Numbers: it provides you a way to speak with someone directly.
⁃ FAQ: check whether the website provides answers to basic questions. Sometimes we can solve some basic problems by ourselves, which can also improve the efficiency of solving problems.
⁃ Security: websites should strictly review whether their users are themselves, if there is no strict review mechanism, you should worry about its security.

Again, the sites we recommend meet our requirements for a honest site.

Our Best Different With Other Platform

We expect that we can become the elite of the gaming industry. For this reason, we endlessly collect market data and constantly test game developers, just to provide the most reliable game sites. We are committed to providing players with a trustworthy platform, so that all players can feel attentive service and have a good gaming experience.

Each website we recommend meets the standards we require. We are also committed to accurate user experience of each website and insist on providing players with the most reliable information.

Our Standards

  • Efficient customer service
  • Reliability
  • With Great Bonuses

Our Mission

  • Be honest
  • Be helpful
  • Be reliable

To be a platform you can believe in, we have tested all the sites we recommend carefully and strictly. We aim to guide you to the best casino.

We value your feedback, therefore, if you have any further suggestions about what can we improve, please contact us.

FAQ for Basic Problems

Signing up

1. To sign up, what do I need?
A: you just need to fill out your personal information.
2. Do I have free Bonus?
A: Yes, we will provide welcome Bonus for you to test slot games.
3. How old should I be to play games?
A: you should be over 18 years old.
4. What device do I need to sign up?
A: it totally depend on your preference.

Making first deposit, withdrawals.

1. Do I need my ID to make a deposit?
A: you just need to fully fill out your personal information, including your bank account.
2. Which currencies can I deposit in?
A: we use peso.
3. Can I deposit using my cryptocurrencies, credit cards or debit card?
A: We use Gcash only.

Making withdraw

1. How do I withdraw my money?
A: as you fully fill out your personal information, you will be able to withdraw your money. Just go to the cashier section, click on withdraw button, select where you want to withdraw your money to, and the payout will be processed.
2. Is the withdrawal instant?
A: it usually take 3 – 5 minutes to process.