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Guidelines for using GCash

GCash Modern people must have experience shopping online or saving money for game accounts. In order to have a good experience, I believe that it is very important to enjoy the services brought by a reliable company. The quality of online transactions ultimately depends on the reliability of the payment company. A payment company without integrity can absolutely destroy your shopping and gaming mood. That’s why this site introduces you to various electronic wallets. Players must first understand the payment methods available to you, and if the payment platform has a good reputation, it means that the site is worth your time to register an account and keep your funds there.

Even though the web is full of different payment methods, depending on your region, there are strong local brands to choose from. If you are a user from the Philippines, then you must know GCash, which is a very popular and reliable electronic wallet in the local area. GCash is affiliated to Globe Telecom and provides high-quality products for all users who want to digitize their payment methods.

You might be wondering, what is GCash? In simple terms, we can think of it as a native version of e-wallets like Skrill and Neteller. We can easily pay bills, send money, and even fund game accounts online by using the GCash wallet. In short, this is a payment option that we highly recommend and already has a large number of Filipino users for those looking to use online payments.

In our guide to using the Globe payment wallet for you, we’ll cover the basics of GCash and frequently asked questions about money transfers, mobile payments, and their use in gaming environments.

Local E-wallet –  GCash

GCash, issued by Globe, is an electronic wallet. In other words, you don’t need to actually go out with your banknotes and coins, just install the GCash app on your mobile device, and you can make payments in stores, department stores, etc. through the app. Business users can also use the GCash wallet for online payments or fund transfers. Once you get your GCash, you can easily send orders and payments to hundreds of merchants.

As a popular electronic wallet in the Philippines, GCash is licensed to practice, and its capital movements are fully monitored by the government. GCash’s license to practice is issued by and monitored by the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and BSP, the central bank of the Philippines. Under surveillance, Globe can offer mobile payment services through Gcash.

How to Create A Gcash Account

As mentioned above, GCash is owned and operated by Globe, and they are committed to providing users with a convenient way to pay, so opening an account only requires a valid mobile phone number. When opening an account, please make sure that the phone number you are using matches the SIM card in your device, it will be relevant to your successful registration and that you will be able to get SMS notifications about the products and services offered. GCash will also notify you of the latest bonus events and promotions. If you haven’t used GCash, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Enter your phone number. Click ‘Next’ to complete the next steps.
  2. Follow the system prompts to fill in the required information to complete the registration process. You will need to fill in your real name and real address.
  3. Next, the page will ask you to set up a 4-digit MPIN that you will use to log into your account in the future. That is, this is your GCash password. You will not be able to view your account or make transactions without entering your password.
  4. After you have set your password, please submit it. To protect your privacy and the security of your funds, please do not let others know your password and make sure your password is not leaking out.
  5. In the next session, you will receive a verification SMS from Globe. After opening the app, enter your phone number and complete the steps prompted.
  6. You will receive a 6-digit verification code from the system. You will need to enter this code into your phone to complete device verification.
  7. To get in the app, you need to enter your GCash MPIN and click ‘Log-In’.

In order to fully use the services provided by GCash, you must go through certain verification procedures. Since GCash is an electronic wallet issued by BSP and monitored by BSP, each transaction should also go through a standard verification process. If you cannot follow the GCash prompt to complete the authentication, you will not be able to use GCash’s services. This means that you will not be able to deposit money into your casino account through GCash.

GCash verification process

In order to use a premium e-wallet like GCash, you must complete the necessary verification process in order to use the services provided by the platform. There are three levels of validation, basic validation, partial validation, and full validation.

After you initially complete the basic verification of GCash, you can start using GCash, but your usage rights will be limited. To complete the partial verification, you need to fill out a sub-form online. After the form is submitted, you can activate other services such as remittance or withdrawal. The final verification step is to complete the full verification. To pass the full verification, you will have a video interview with GCash staff. After passing the interview, you can complete the full verification.

After you are fully verified, your transaction limit will increase. For example, if you are a user with only basic authentication, your maximum transaction limit will be PHP 4,000, but if you are fully authenticated, you can increase the transaction limit to PHP 100,000. In other words, if you pay your online bill through GCash, your available limit will increase from 4,000 pesos to 100,000 pesos after you complete the full verification. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you must complete full validation to increase your flexibility with GCash.