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Since its establishment in 2016, JDB has been committed to the development of online video games.

JDB is largest slot machine manufacturer in Asia


Although JDB is a relatively young brand, but it has a long-term cooperation with the largest slot machine manufacturer in Asia, the brand has mature technology and related resources for slot machine development, and provides customers with real-time services.

Features of JDB

Rich and diverse game, and safe and reliable API interface services. JDB continuously and steadily produces various games every month to meet the needs of diverse customer groups. At JDB, your voice can be heard! Why don’t you come to play in such a caring casino?

Research Institute Accreditation

One thing you must know. JDB casino games are certified by the most credible research organization in the global gaming market (Gaming Laboratories International), through repeated testing and verification, to ensure the reliability of pure natural probability, to provide players with the most secure and fair gaming experience. In order to provide players with stable connection quality, JDB spends a lot of money on the maintenance of the computer room and lines every year. Facing the rapid growth of the business, JDB is also actively optimizing the network system. The goal of JDB is to become the next indicator in the gambling industry. , A casino with such ambitions is definitely worthy of your trust.