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The game of roulette online is one of the most recommended games you can get today. If you search some of the leading gambling platforms, there’s a big opptunity that all of these sites feature the game of roulette in different types. Today, online casinos from the Philippines will allow you to play American or even European Roulette online in both instant play and mobile formats. And if you are looking for more playing action, the live dealer and immersive roulette games are also avaliable. In brief, you can make the web your playground if you are passionate about this game.

Best Online Casino Sites in the Philippines for 2022

Before you become a member and pick the next roulette game to play, it is highly recommended that you check out the basic rules first. Moreover, take a look at the free demo versions of roulette before putting your money on the table. More importantly, take advantage of the bonuses and perks provided by online casino Philippines operators.

Mo matter what kind of the casino game you are playing, you will ultimately play with the online roulette wheel. The wheel features 37 numbers, including a single zero and numbers 1 to 36. In the American Roulette version, you will find the addition of double zero. The numbers are not in sequence and they take turns between red and black, except for the ‘0s’ and the ‘00s’.

When playing online, you will find that this wheel is spun in only one direction, and the ball used inside the wheel will move in the opposite direction. After some time, the movement of the ball will slow down until such time that it will stop atone slot and a winner is declared by the system (or the croupier).

What are the Roulette online Bets That You Should Know

If you join in casino roulette, you will find a betting grid where numbers are spread out and displayed in rows and columns. To put your bet on the roulette table, just click the mouse on the proper area. Speaking of bets, you will find two types of bets while playing this game – the Outside Bet and Inside Bet. The Outside Bet indicates to the bet that is displayed outside of the betting grid and consist of bigger groups of numbers. The odds for these types of online roulette bets are smaller.

Inside Bets, on contray, are bets that you put inside the playing grid. If you are thinking this type of bet, then you will place your money on a single number or a smaller cluster of numbers, up to 6 numbers. In comparision with  the outside bets, the inside roulette bets are known for their higher odds.

Besides these two popular types of roulette bets, you should know the other options to bet that are on offer as well. You can also put your money on the Street Bet, the Corner Bets, Split Bets, and the Line Bets. In some Philippines online casinos, the croupier will also let you play Neighbor Bets and the Call Bets.

When speaking of bets, you should also be aware of its odds. The reason why you put bets on the table is that you are intended to win and collect the best payouts. The odds for each bet will be different depending on the specific roulette online types that you are playing. Just take the case of the Even Money Bet, considered by many enthusiasts as one of the most well-known bets to make in a roulette game.

In American Roulette, this type of bet has an odds of 46.37% while in the European version, you will encounter an odds of 48.6%. When speaking of  corner bet, the odds are a bit similar for both the American and European versions. The odds for the American version is 10.53% and European Roulette features an odds of 10.81%.

Types of Online Roulette Games

This table game has evolved and a number of games have been invented for the players. Two of the most well-know variants of roulette online that are on offer in casinos are European and American. Here’s a short look at the similarities and differences you will find while playing these two table games.

European Roulette

European Roulette

European roulette is considered by many as the most authentic version that you can play online. If you check the table, a series of numbers with the  range from 0 to 36 – the same as in French Roulette will be found- and these are scattered on the wheel. If you put a direct bet, this game will give you a 1 in 37 chance of winning the game. The house edge for European roulette is relatively small at 2.7%.

American Roulette

There is  difference in the design of the wheel between the American Roulette and the European Roulette version . Aside from the ‘0’ slot on the wheel, this version of roulette online also features an extra slot for ‘00’. moreover, the wheel will feature numbers that are arranged in order, but they are placed opposite each other. as this table game adds an extra slot, your opptunities of winning on a single number is 1 in 38. The house edge here is 5.26%.

You will also find a live dealer version of American Roulette in many casino. As the name of the game suggests, this type of roulette game offers you an opportunity to play in front of an attractive dealer. A live roulette game involves the benefits of traditional gameplay and online entertainment. You can enjoy the company of a croupier, see the rolling of the roulette ball in real-time, and enjoy the game at the comfort of your own home or office.

In casinos that come with the live dealer games, you will also face a number of special game types depending on the software vendors or game designers. For instance, you will find an Immersive Roulette game where the gameplay is ultra-realistic. You will also find different types of roulette tables and rooms that come with different betting limits. These types of games are highly recommended for players who are conscious of their bankroll or for players who want to enhance their games to another level.

Online Casino Real Money Philippines

Roulette Online – New and Engaging Versions of a Classic Favorite

Although the standard offerings at top websites focus on the main variants of roulette, you can also find other choices that can benifit your gambling experience. Thanks to the friendly competition among operators and the availability of new technologies made this happen. Specifically, the latter let designers take online roulette games in any direction they desire, providing more interactive tools, engaging marketing pitches, and different types of bets.

The basic objective stays the same, but players can count on different odds and entertainment levels. In this part of the roulette online guide, we will have a look at the new and engaging versions of the classic roulette.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

This is a entertaining  type of roulette that functions for players who are looking for more action on the roulette table. When you play this kind, you can bet on up to eight roulette wheels at once. However, the spin of the American wheel is taken independently of the other wheels in play. When playing this variant, you can also rely on bets and rules that are based on the European variant. Playing this option allows you to put more bets but it can be difficult for starters. Your bet on each spin is multiplied by the number of wheels you want to play.

Jackpot Roulette

As the name shows, this type of classic roulette allows player to play for quick wins and huge jackpots. A well-known example of this variant is the Age of the Gods Roulette from Playtech which uses the easy format and rules when playing roulette. The difference is that in the jackpot version,  a bonus feature which allows you to win big can be found.

Live Roulette

By far, this is the most popular interpretation of the classic roulette you can get in top gambling platforms. As the title shows, this production make it possible for you to enjoy online roulette games in real-time in front of an attractive dealer. You can have a seat in the roulette table and you can watch the action as it happens including the spinning of the American wheel pr the announcement of the winners.

This live experience is made possible attributed to streaming technology, high-speed internet connection, and multiple cameras that catch the action on the roulette table. As part of the authentic and realistic gaming experience when you play roulette, you can also rely on a Chat feature that let you chat with the assigned croupier and other players. in addition, some operators provide live roulette in different languages including English, French, Russian, and Simplified Chinese.

Mini-Wheel Roulette

Mini-Wheel Roulette

In this version of roulette,  a ‘smaller version’ of the wheel, often up to 12 numbers plus zero can be expected. Thanks to  these changes in the layout and slightly different bets to play, the house edge rises, and your odds of winning in the games drcrease. We recommend that you get a version that gives back a portion of your bet if the roulette ball stops on a zero.

No-Zero Roulette

For a time, this way of roulette was a hot one among top operators. Just imagine removing the ‘zero’ in the layout which effectively cuts the house edge! Because of its uniqueness and the added advantage to players, this game is not an option in top gambling platforms any more.

Multi-Ball Roulette

This is another fun choice for player who love playing for the exciting, uniqueness, and the challenge. In this type, you can place your bet on a wheel that features up to three roulette balls simultaneously. This allows you to bet on a group of numbers instead of simply one when playing on your preferred website. However, if you play this bet and win, your winnings shall be divided by the number of roulette balls in play.

Video Roulette

When playing online, you will also face the video roulette which uses video stream. Instead of facing a croupier and an real table where you can place your bet, a virtual roulette allows you to play with a video. The results of your bet when playing this roulette is decided by the Random Number Generator (RNG), close to what you can expect from video slots.


If you desire something weird, odd yet colorful, then Spingo is your first choice. This is another popular version of roulette that incorporates influences from Bingo and Lotto. Here, you submit your bet in color and the numbered lotto balls will determine the outcome of the game. additionally, this version allows you to bet on numbers or colors for additional excitement. 

Apart from these popular and colorful types that you can play at casinos, you can  count on other lesser-known yet equally exciting titles you can bet and play as well. The types that you can play lastly depends on the casinos or the software vendors and game designers that work with the operator.

Some of the popular designers of these games are Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and Ezugi. To have the best online roulette games and bet in style, it’s recommended to look for casinos which work with multiple vendors and game designers. In these platforms, you can have different designs and interpretations of the games which can improve your playing experience.

Play Online Roulette in Free Demo or Real Money

Once you have decided which casinos  you want to play at, the next step is to decide whether to play the free demo first or go direct to its real-money offerings. Most casinos which are licensed to accept players will provide the free demo versions of some of the variants. Even if players are qulified to play in real money as soon as the membership is applied, there are instances when one should consider the free demo first.

If you’re a starter learning the rules of roulette or a new to the website, you should click the free version of the game first. In the free demo, players will get free credits to their accounts which they can use in playing a specific title for free. By playing roulette for free, you will be able to learn t the rules and the difference about all kinds of bets. You can test a few bankroll strategies as well before you can bet your real money. 

Furthermore, playing the game with free credits allow you to test the game if it suits your playing style and preferences. If you don’t like the visuals or graphics, you can just walk away and not worry about your money. lastly, playing with free credits allow you to discover different styles of roulette without worrying about your money. You can visit casinos and try American, French, European, or the Immersive option that’s provided by a top software vendor. 

However, not all roulette games are available in the free demo. For instance, the live dealer version of roulette is only available for players who will play with real money bet. Before you can seat in the table or take part in tournaments, you need to log in and fund your account. If this is the case, you should play the roulette in real money once you are already familiar with the rules and you’re already confident about your bet. In comparision with the use of free credits, placing your bet allows you to collect quick wins or even the jackpot!

Play Online Roulette at Reputable Casinos in the Philippines

The different types of roulette games online will offer you with an thrilles way to play the game and win the prizes. However, before you jump into the trend and play the games for real money, checking out a few tips and strategies on the game and play for real money is highly recommended. Doing your research and preparing yourself will make you become an informed and responsible player. when you are ready to play for real money, we highly recommend that you play roulette online in a safe, fair, and reliable casinos online.

Becuase you are playing roulette for real money, you want to make sure that your funds are well-protected and you can withdraw your winnings easily. On these counts, our website can help you all the way. We don’t simply publish online resources and guides on the game of roulette in the Philippines. As a leading provider of gaming content for players from the Philippines, we can assist you choose legitimate and reliable casinos online where you can play online roulette both for fun and real money as well!