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Online poker was first introduced in the late 1990s. Player took it as  a game-changer and it  changed the way people gamble online. Attributed to  an online version of the game, players can have fun and while aiming for the winnings and bragging rights of winning the tournament. Players around the world can have access to enjoy this classic card game anytime, anywhere. Today, it’s the most popular casino game and it’s played in different parts of the world including the Philippines and available in various formats and variants. 

Best Online Casino Sites in the Philippines for 2022

Online Poker Guide for All Types of Players – From Gameplay to Poker Hand Rankings

A good how to play poker for beginners’ guide to better understand the game is necessary, and you are very lucky to have us here. Online poker is one of the most ppopular casino games. It’s available in many types of variants, with Texas Hold’em as the most favourite game. Playing poker for real money can offer a challenging yet memorable experience for the player. Instead of simply relying on the outcomes deceided by the Random Number Generator (RNG), a smart combination of strategy when playing poker is needed, which is luck, and some decision-making skills.

Addotionally, a clear understanding of the game is a requirement if one wants to master the game. As a player, you need to focus on the basic rules of online poker, the different hands that can help you win the pot, and other in-game strategies that can help you play with different types of players. These may sound intimidating, but  the right practice, knowledge, and dedication will help you master poker in no time. You can take our resource as a guide in learning about the game, especially when it comes to poker online rules and basic strategies.

How to Play Online Poker Like a Pro

Different variants of online poker are available, and each game use its own distinct rules in play. among the different variants that are available online, the favorite is Texas Hold’em. In these games, players are usually expected to place forced bets such as the Big and Small Blinds for Omaha and Hold’em or the Antes for Stud. These will form part of the starting pot for the round. The size of the pot increases as the action moves on.

Online Poker Plays During the Gambling Rounds

After the cards have been dealt on the table, the players are then started to make their play. since online poker play moves clockwise, each participant is expected to choose from one of the following decisions:

List of online casino in the philippines

List of online casino in the philippines

Bet. When there are no other participants on the game placed their bet on that particular round, the player may bet. Once the bet has been accepted, the other participants may ‘call’ which means to match the bet to continue in the hand.

Call. Matching the bet of the other player in this online poker is required.

The participant can decide  to surrender his cards which means that he cannot win on a particular round.

Raise. As the name shows, you will call a great one ,not just match the bet of the other online poker participant. If you make this decision, all other players must re-raise so they can participate in the hand.

Check If you want to reject the chance to start the betting in the game, then you need to ‘check’. A player can only check when thereis no bet placed, and the opportunity to check moves in a clockwise manner.

As shown above, different types of online poker have it own special rules including the number of betting rounds. Two of the most popular types are Omaha and Texas Hold’em and they use the same betting rounds: the pre-flop, the flop, the turn, and the river.

When you play online poker, the pre-flop indicatessto that round where all participants have gotten their hole cards, just before the release of the community cards. When you bet on the flop, the first three community cards have been given to the players. Betting on the turn, on the other hand, happens after the completion of the fourth community card. lastly, the river round appears when the final community card has been distributed. On each round, bets from players are accepted until the player has matched the bet or folded.

Once the last raise or bet has been completed at the final round, the showdown starts.  the remaining players will show their hands, and the participant who has the best hand wins. In this case, it also pays to understand the different poker hands which are critical when playing poker online.

Popular Poker Hands Ranking You Should Know

Popular Poker Hands Ranking You Should Know

Online poker is all about creating the best hand to win the game. For this to happen, you should know the different hands that can be formed and their values.

Royal Flush. This is the biggest hand among them all and features the King, Queen, Ace, Jack, and 10 of any one suit.

Straight Flush. It’s a straight belonging to one suit, like 5 to 9 all in diamonds.

Four-of-a-Kind. Four cards have a similar value, like four Aces.

Full House.  A pair and three of a kind are included in this hand.

If you get 5 cards of the same suit, then that’s a Flush.

Straight. An example of this is 8 to Q, from different suits.

Other hands that can be built when playing poker online are Two Pair, One Pair, Three-of-a-Kind, and High Card. In the hand ranking,  Royal Flush is the best hand to have and the lowest-valued combo is the High Card.

Other Poker Rules to Keep in Mind When Playing Online

Inspite of the betting rounds, common rules, and the different hands that can bebuilt, poker online also has other specific rules. If you want to play for real money,  be aware of the betting limits for the table or the casino is highly suggested. There are three popular types of betting limits featured in most online poker sites today: no limit, pot limit, and the fixed limit.

As the name shows, the ‘no limit’ online poker room does not have a limit to the bet that a poker player can make. If you are gambling in casinos for real money with a pot-limit, you are allowed to have a bet that will match the pot amount. Finally, in the fixed limit online poker, the operator or dealer will explain the total amount that you can put on the game.

To win in the game of online poker ultimately, your decision-making skills, understanding of the rules, and your set of strategies play a big role. it’s also suggested to check the variant that you are playing or if you are entering a tournament before you play the game,. Each game has its own set of special rules which are meant to be followed or even mastered. For help on everything associated with online poker Philippines,  regularly visiting our website for new content or resources is highly recommended.

Playing Poker in the Philippines

In the Philippines, there are two ways to play poker. first, you can take advantage of brick-and-mortar casinos and hotels that are licensed and regulated to provide this table game. All live poker games and tournaments (like The Asian Poker Tour) in the country are approved by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation (PAGCOR) if they have license. 

There are dozens of casinos and hotels in the country that provide the game and most of these have No-Limit Hold’em. Some of the upscale hotels that offer poker are PAGCOR Angeles, Okada Manila, and City of Dreams (Manila).You will also encounter Chinese poker, Omaha, and local versions of poker which are often played in many places.

Online Casino Real Money Philippines

Different story are told when playing online poker in the Philippines for real money , and you have to know how to play poker in an online casino. Just like online casinos, local gambling laws restrict people from playing casinos. The Philippines license claims that they are not authorized to accept registration and bets from Filipino players. Therefore, how can you enjoy the benefits of this popular game? Well, your choice is to take a look at licensed offshore gambling sites and online poker rooms.

Why Choose Offshore Poker Games and Tournaments?

There are many reasons why you should choose offshore poker games and online casinos  especially if you want  real money to be involved. First, it’s about the status of online gambling sites in the country. Even if  the country offers licenses for casinos, the services are not provided to Filipino players. Second, going for online poker games and tournaments offers you the convenience you are looking for.

Just stay ar home or office if you want to participate in a game of online poker or you want to match skills and wits with other enthusiasts in poker tournaments. With leading offshore poker rooms and licensed casinos,  having access to tools and resources that can help you play confidently is easily accessable. Third, most of these licensed casinos and online poker rooms provide better poker bonuses and promotions that can help you enjoy the game. As  they cater to a larger audience in competitive markets, these offshore websites are well known to provide lucrative poker bonuses from sign-up bonuses to deposit bonuses.

Poker allows you to enjoy the game in different types of formats, in different platforms. No matter you play in brick-and-mortar casinos or online poker sites, be sure that the license, security, and restrictions are checked when applicable. This game will allow you to enjoy, socialize with  players who share the same interest, and aspire for the jackpots. The least an online poker player want is to get involved in a game or an online poker room that will bring you a huge amount of stress. We sincerely hope we’ve demenstrated you how to play poker games with confidence. Good luck!