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Formosa Bear

Formosa bears only live in Taiwan. It may be difficult for you to fly to Taiwan to see it in real life. However, JDB provides an opportunity for players to explore the habitat of the Formosa bear online, but it takes a little luck to meet it! Not only Formosa bears, but also other friendly …

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Since its establishment in 2016, JDB has been committed to the development of online video games. JDB is largest slot machine manufacturer in Asia Although JDB is a relatively young brand, but it has a long-term cooperation with the largest slot machine manufacturer in Asia, the brand has mature technology and related resources for slot …

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My experience to share

There are a variety of different game options in JILI Slot, and I am here to give you my advice for choosing games. How to choose a game Frist of all, I will suggest you to look at a few more game interfaces. Secondly, choose the style you like. Finally, try a few rounds. Choose …

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Boxing King

Have you ever done boxing before? Do you like Boxing? Or you just like to watch MMA or UFC game? If you like the excitement in the boxing ring, then you must not miss this boxing-themed slot game – Boxing King! Description of Boxing King It is a 5 reels game with high rewards which …

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Popular Game: Roma X

Roma X is one game that can make you win a lot of money, let me explain it to you. Roma X is a game of challenging consecutive combos and fight with lions, the story is about warriors dueling lions in the ancient Roman arena. Roma X is a game can make you win big …

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Games for beginners

Agent Ace is one the simplest one in slot games, it has 5 reels, when it starts to spin. You just need as least three same symbols then you win. The story of Agent Ace is about agent Ace fights the evil boss. When you press the spin button, the reels start to spin, if …

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Jili Slot

Jili slot is one of the most popular slot games. We are going to explain why you should give it a shot in the following sentences. Jili slot machine pursues excellent game interface and innovative style. The interface style of this game is diverse, including A rabian Nights, ancient Egyptian elements, Roman heroes, etc. This …

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